Serving St. Lucie and Martin County
Hit List

Anthony "Pinchers" Russo
( a.k.a. The Red Ant)

Notorious Pest known best for its stinging bite. Considered highly dangerous and his crew is never far from him ready to attack at a moments notice. Usually can be spotted on lawns guarding his large mound with other capos and associates. This pest is extremely dangerous and requires a professional Hit man to irradicate from your territory.


Jimmy"The Chinch" Cinciola
( a.k.a. Chinch Bug)

This associate can cause severe turf lawn damage. Known to inserts its straw-like mouthparts into the plant tissue and sucks out the plant juices while injecting chemicals into the plant which clog the vascular system.


Micky"The Rat " Verminelli
( a.k.a. Sewer Rat)

This Capo has a reputation for being a vicious, unclean, parasitic animal that steals food and spread disease. However, it is actually a much more complex animal than you can imagine and you would need the expertise of Vincent Scavone to fully understand the full aspect of this animal.


Rudy"The Roach" Repulsivo
( a.k.a. German Cockroach)

This wiseguy is the most disgusting and germ-spreading of all. Dwells in areas of the kitchen and extremely hard to remove. Call Vincent Scavone to have this pestilence rubbed out.