Serving St. Lucie and Martin County

The Hitman

Vincent Scavone
( a.k.a. The Hitman, My Cousin Vinny, The Terminator)

With early origins from New York, Vincent Scavone relocated to South Florida and began his career as a "Contract Pest Killer". Vincent quickly gained notoriety as the most lethal and ruthless exterminator in the Treasure Coast. Just mentioning his name and merciless tactics can send bugs running and is truly feared throughout the entire bug community. Vincent's territory includes Sawgrass Lakes, St Lucie West, Stuart, Palm City, Martin and St. Lucie Counties.

If you have pest problem, call Vincent to have the problem "taken care" of.

Vincent is now running a special deal!

The St. Augustines Day Massacre
Think your beautiful St. Augustine Lawn is not succeptible to Chinch Bugs? Fa'get-about-it!! Chinch bugs will eat your lawn up fast leaving brown patches everywhere that will never recover.
Vincent will orchestrate a massive "hit" when they are eating, catching every Chinch bug in your property off-guard with True-Guard. Any Ants, Grubs or other pest in the way will also be victims.


$$$.$$ including tax.